What does the study of color teach us

What does the study of color teach us

Please read the first 4 chapters to write the paper based on their research. And please follow the prompt.

Pick one of these ideas to build your thesis statement:

Evolution of people from different cultures

Evolution (or lack of) vision development?

Thesis statements should be like this:

Statement+ connecting word or phrase + x, y and z.

For example: Students should study French because it can help them in their academics, career, and social life.

Essay 2: What does the study of color teach us?

Based on what you have read in Deutscher and discussed in class, you know that color is topic that has caused heated debates among linguists and anthropologists. Why? In your essay, you will choose three studies of color and their results. You will then explain why these discoveries are important, to the study of language and/or the study of humanity.

Remember to apply what you have learned so far in Harbrace Essentials to your writing. No first or second person in this paper and no contractions. You should use proper in text citations for Deutscher’s material. You will not need sources for this paper other than Deutscher.


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There are various descriptions that can be used in relation to color that have been subject to change over the years. However, as the research conducted by scholars in the past has been able to depict, color blindness makes it difficult for people to be able to different the shades that might be available in a given spectrum…………………


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