Written Assignment – Create a “Cultural Heritage” PowerPoint Presentation

Written Assignment – Create a “Cultural Heritage” PowerPoint Presentation

Module 05 Written Assignment – Create a “Cultural Heritage” PowerPoint Presentation

Talk to your parents, grandparents, and/or other older relatives or family friends to find out what they can tell you about your family’s heritage or genealogy (a history of the ancestry or descent of a person or family). Using whatever resources you can find, tell your family’s cultural history in a PowerPoint presentation consisting of 7-10 slides. Feel free to include pictures to illustrate your story, though take into consideration file size when you add pictures. The format and content for your presentation is outlined below:

Introduction (1 slide)
Give your presentation a title and include your name. This is a good opportunity to include a family photo or other picture that demonstrates your cultural heritage.

Family Structure (1 slide)
Describe your family make-up: number of people/ages, family heredity, relatives in other countries, etc.

Ethnicity (2-3 slides)
Discuss your family’s ethnic background. Some questions to consider: What are the different ethnicities in your family that you and your family members know of? How important are the issues of ethnicity and ethnic heritage in your family? Do you observe particular customs because of your ethnic heritage? Are there family stories involving immigration to the U.S. or movement from one part of the U.S. to another? Did your family and/or ethnic group encounter prejudice or discrimination? If so, describe those encounters. If not, why not?

Gender Issues (1 slide)
Discuss how gender roles have been distributed in your family. Has this changed over time or through generations? Is there an ethnic component to the way gender roles have been defined in your family?

Economic and Social Class (1-3 slides)
Describe what social class you consider your family to belong to and why. Has your family been upwardly or downwardly mobile during your lifetime or across generations? What kinds of occupations have your family members held? Address the way class status has affected your family and whether this status is also affected by ethnicity. You can also explore how your family’s educational achievements have changed over time.

Conclusion (1 slide)
Discuss what you have learned from researching your family’s heritage. In what way are the different elements you’ve explored (social class, gender, and ethnicity) connected?

In each slide, list a few bullet points and use the Notes feature (located below each slide) to type commentary on the points in your bullets. Avoid trying to cram lots of text onto the slide itself.

Submit your completed assignment by following the directions linked below. Please check the Course Calendar for specific due dates. Here is a lil bit about me. I’m from Puerto Rican, I have 4 kids I just got married last year on July, my family grow a little bit more, my husband have 2 kids, now all together are6 kids and a dog my husband and I. I have twins they are my first born (boys) 22, another son 19, and my daughter 18.Most of my family leave in Puerto Rico, but from my mom side I have two relative that are living Pennsylvania. From dad side is hard to say because he was adopted when he was a baby, now he have Alzheimer and don’t remember much, I don’t even remember my dad talk about it when I was young. I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters, I’m the youngest. I have one brother that lives in California and the rest of my sibling live in Puerto Rico. We never encounter any prejudice or discrimination. My dad figure was very important for me, when my father was 24 enjoy the US army and retired at the age of 59.My dad was the provider in my house, and my mom was stay mom, but were bless on many ways, they raise me and my siblings in a beautiful home, I remember going church every Sunday, and 2 times during weeks day, going to families reunions and vacation during summer time. My grandparent from my mom side has an important role in my life. They use to live 1 house apart from my mom, so we all spent a lot time with my grandparent, aunties, uncles and cousin. After my grandparent pass away, they family always remind together, I remember for every birthday, thanksgiving, Christmas, or activities the family from my mom side used to come over to my house.We move couple times when I was young, one of those times we live in Pennsylvania in a town name Poconos, I believe we live there for 3 years, couple years later to Bethlehem, after 4 year living in Bethlehem PA, but after my dad was relocated, we move back to Puerto Rico. We all have amazing education, some of my sibling when to colleges and others has when on their own path, but we all have a great relationship. One of my brothers have plumber company the other joint to marine and live in California with his family, I loss one of my sister four years ago,one work for the city and the other one don’t work.


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I was born in the year 1975, and I was raised in various cities together with my siblings; we used to move when my dad got transferred to a different place but finally we settled in Puerto Rico

My family has a white origin and I grew up with a close relationship with my grandparents, parents and siblings

Right now am a grown woman with my own grown kids and a family…………………….

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