Explain why the United States has not joined the ICC.

Explain why the United States has not joined the ICC.

International Criminal Law

The United States has refused to join the International Criminal Court since its inception. In your 300-word minimum primary response to this discussion board, expand upon the following:

Describe the purpose and function of the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Explain why the United States has not joined the ICC.

Examine the pros and cons for the United States to be a member of the ICC.

Construct an argument proposing the United States should join or continue to not be a part of the ICC and provide sound reasoning for your opinions.

Explain the ramifications of the opinion that you advance to the United States and the international community.

The issue of the United States’ reluctance to join the ICC continues to be a matter of international debate. This week’s discussion requires you to take a position on whether or not the United States should formally join, and accept the jurisdiction of, the International Criminal Court. In this discussion, avoid notions of jingoism, and examine the international community and the responsibilities of the United States as an international actor in both civilian and military affairs. Make sure to explain the consequences of not joining or a decision to join the ICC.

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The international criminal court (ICC) serves the function of prosecuting the cases which have been directed by the United Nations Security Council and also in situations whereby the national court systems cannot prosecute a case. Take, for instance, the genocidal war, crimes against humanity………………..


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