Discuss how the work of John Douglas can influence the current Criminal Justice

Discuss how the work of John Douglas can influence the current Criminal Justice

Book Report

Objective: Part of this course is to read a book called “Anatomy of Motive.” Every crime is a mystery story with a motive at its heart. Understand the motive and you can solve the mystery. The Anatomy of Motive offers a dramatic, insightful look at the development and evolution of the criminal mind. The famed former chief of the FBI’s Investigative Support Unit, Douglas was the pioneer of modern behavioral profiling of serial criminals. Working again with acclaimed novelist, journalist, and filmmaker Mark Olshaker, the collaborator on his previous three bestsellers, and using cases from his own fabled career as examples, Douglas takes us further than ever before into the dark corners of the minds of arsonists, hijackers, bombers, poisoners, serial and spree killers, and mass murderers.

Requirement: You will be responsible to provide a 5 page written critique of the book. Your critique is to focus on:

Factors contributing to the violently antisocial personality (make sure to mention the homicidal triad)

How same crimes may be committed by different offenders, what makes them different and how it effects the crime itself? (make sure to provide examples from the book)

Discuss how the work of John Douglas can influence the current Criminal Justice, can it? You can agree or disagree, providing you provide evidence for your answer.

A book critique should (somewhat) follow this format: Write your critique in standard essay form. Begin with an introduction that defines the subject of your critique (a book summary). Answer the questions above, and conclude your critique by summarizing your main points.

Of course do not forget to give credit where credit is due! If you are quoting, cite! You are encouraged to use the textbook and articles we have used in class; however, no outside sources are permitted.


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The Anatomy of Motive” is a book written by the former FBI criminal profiler, John Douglas, together with Mark Olshaker. The book goes to the root of crime and the motivating factors behind the various crimes that different deadly offenders take on. The book takes on the identification of the factors that one should look…………………………


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