Find at least two (2) articles focused on two separate “real life” criminal cases

Find at least two (2) articles focused on two separate “real life” criminal cases

Question description: Find at least two (2) articles (preferably from the online library) focused on two separate “real life” criminal cases in which DNA played a major role. Appropriate examples for this assignment might include the O.J. Simpson case or the Jonbenet Ramsey case although there are a myriad of true cases conducive for this assignment. Hint: The Innocence Project website serves as a great resource for this
These articles can be from electronic sources, newspapers, or online journals however the cases must have occurred in the United States.
1) Based on the information from your research, write a summary of the impact and/or circumstances surrounding the DNA evidence. Also, please be sure to address the specific DNA technologies applicable to the case if in fact they are address in your research (i.e. mtDNA, Y-STR, ABO/PCR-based reverse dot-blot tests, etc. Note: Please remember to focus on the DNA evidence and not other types of physical evidence. For example, providing a lengthy case overview, biography of the offender, or rehashing of the case itself will not earn high marks. This paper should focus on the DNA technologies specifically.
2) In a separate section, state your opinion of the criminal cases you selected. Specifically, do you believe that the use of DNA evidence was ethical in these cases, do you believe the cases would have had the same outcome if not for the use of DNA (i.e. guilt or innocence of the offender), were the articles you selected written in a neutral, unbiased fashion, was the author pro- or anti- DNA, etc.
3) Finally, please discuss how the information learned in this class has given you more insight into the cases you opted to write about. Please note all three sections must be included for this library assignment.
Your library assignment should be a minimum of 1,000 words in length however please remember that the more substantive and detailed your work, the more credit it will tend to earn. Your paper must include a minimum of two references (your articles selected for discussion). Your paper should adhere to proper APA guidelines including a properly formatted title page and reference section.


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The use of deoxyribonucleic acid, DNA in solving criminal cases’ mysteries has been hailed as one of the most impressive technological advancements in the criminal justice sector. DNA can be used to know criminals and those responsible for murders with high accuracy where biological evidence exists…………………..


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