What causes credit card debt

What causes credit card debt

Cause and Effect Writing

Your assignment is to write a fully fleshed out Cause and Effect paper (5F) where you study an event, situation, or idea for Its causes or its effects. What brought about the event or issue?

What causes credit card debt?

Your essay should contain a thesis statement that gives me an idea of how you will back this point up and how your support will be organized throughout. It should also fulfill the other requirements of your rubric.

This paper should include cited quotes or paraphrases from at least three credible sources to support your thesis.

900 words (three pages double spaced 12 point font). Please include your name, a title, the date, and your class hour at the top, as well as page numbers throughout.


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Poor management of credit cards by bearers is the leading cause of credit card debts. In the recent pass, charging purchases on credit cards has become the most preferable means of payment by consumers. It is estimated that about 1.54 billion credit cards are in the hands of consumers across the United States. The average………………..


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