Creating a flexiable working place

Creating a flexiable working place

Write a paper of approximately 750 words that addresses the following components:

  • Consider your current or previous place of employment. Select one of the flexible work options (e.g., flextime, compressed workweek, job sharing, telecommuting, or part-time work) that would be most appropriate for your workplace.
  • Select one flexible option that would not be appropriate for your workplace
  • For the flexible work option that you identified as appropriate for your company, write an employee policy that details the guidelines an employee must adhere to when working on a flexible schedule Include in your policy how an employee may qualify for a flexible schedule, what effect the flexible schedule will have on employee compensation and other benefits, and the potential consequences for poor or under-performance while working on a flexible schedule.

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I presently work in the Zion Company which is an organization that focuses on the provision of network services. I am assigned in the customer service department which is where majority of the staff are usually situated. This is because the company mostly deals with solving……………………


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