Create a policy brief for a defined public problem

Create a policy brief for a defined public problem

Create a policy brief for a defined public problem

Subject: Political science
Topic: Fixing the issue of Teen Pregnancy

Paper details:

Create a policy brief for a defined public problem. Your policy brief should, at a minimum: Identify and describe a public sector problem requiring government action or inaction; reevaluate and analyze the identified problem to determine the appropriate definition or statement of the problem; synthesize and evaluate laws, administrative rulings, and past efforts to address the problem; identify and explain policy alternatives as solutions to the identified problem using credible sources, including use of numerical data; apply and analyze policy alternatives; make a recommendation of a policy alternative as a solution to the problem; and use appropriate tone and form for the audience. The explanation of the brief should include the following headings: Defining the Problem; Background and Legislative History; Policy Alternatives; Final Definition of the Problem; and, Deliberating the Problem. In addition to fulfilling the specifics of the assignment, a successful paper must also meet the following criteria: Length should be 7–10 double-spaced pages (or longer), excluding title page and reference page. Utilize 8–10 (or more) sources, primary and secondary with an emphasis on primary, evaluating the credibility of these sources.

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