Crafting a Compensation and Benefits Plan

Crafting a Compensation and Benefits Plan

Now that you have considered how to recruit and retain the employees you want in your organization, create a compensation and benefits package using this business proposal format. The package must be consistent with the objectives of job satisfaction for the valuable employees in an organization of your design.

The compensation package must include the following:

Your business proposal must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center. The proposal must be between three to five pages in length (not including the title and references pages) and must include citations and references for at least five sources (including the text and at least four other scholarly sources, one of which must be from the Ashford University Library).

Outline (Business Proposal Format)

Assignment 4 Outline – Please remember to format in accordance with APA, 6th edition guidelines.

The words in bold are suggested APA headings.


(Short, clear and concise with strong thesis statement)

Background of Organization

(Short info on the company you “created”)

Compare/Contrast of Industry

(Suggested to include at least 3 companies and use table format in this section)


(Read articles in directions and discuss what keeps employees engaged. Keep the engagements in mind when you create your proposal below.)

Proposal for Benefits

(Suggested to bullet point ideas, with a paragraph or two of justification using theories, such as Herzberg, as support)



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That is what the business proposal format is like

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