Depression and anxiety will influence this client because the client need to get into counseling

Depression and anxiety will influence this client because the client need to get into counseling

State 2 reasons you might agree and 2 reasons you might not agree with their response.

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There are so many characteristics that this client has that needs to be treated. His anxiety and depression needs help in counseling. This client is also suffering from flashback, which points to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This client is also not eating and hearing voices that needs to be addressed.

Depression and anxiety will influence this client because the client need to get into counseling. Counseling will help this person by letting him talk about his parents death, and the death of his friends. Depression and anxiety is the reason why this client is housing flashbacks. It all leads into depression.

Flashbacks are going to influence this client because each flashback is going to put this client even more. We need to figure out what is causing these flashbacks and how we can try and stop them. IF we know what is triggering these flashbacks, then we can come up with a new way to handle these situations.

“Culture is a term we use to describe the values, beliefs, practices and ways in which a community or society lives. It also includes the way the people express themselves, communicate, and interact with one another.” ( The client was raised on his parents religious and cultural beliefs as well has his native language. Knowing these as a characteristic factor will give the therapist a better understanding of how to communicate with the client, while remaining respectful to the clients religious and cultural beliefs.

Being that the client is a male could be another characteristic to consider. The client was brought up surrounding the Asian decent culture beliefs. There is a possibility that he was taught not to show emotion based on his male gender. This could be a factor to consider while trying to design a treatment plan for the client.

Another characteristic that can be considered is his economic conditions. What are his financial records like? We know that his wife is 6 months pregnant with their first child and there are complications in the pregnancy and she needs to stay on bed rest. This means that for the next 4 or 5 months his wife will not be working, and all the financial responsibility will fall on his shoulders. Now currently the client is not employed, as he is too focused on the health of his wife and unborn child’s life. We know the client suffers from anxiety and depression and the stress of being worried about his wife and child on top of being unemployed can play a huge factor into anxiety and depression.

Creating a treatment plan for the client needs to be made with considering these characteristics in mind. The PTSD needs to be handled first, the client will need to begin therapy and medication in order to separate and control his emotions. The issues need to be addressed quickly before they lead into larger mental health problems.

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Post Traumatic Stress Disorder is the failure to recover after experiencing a tragic event. I agree that the patient has PTSD triggered by the parents’ and friends’ deaths characterized by flashbacks. Moreover, his cultural background may affect the healing process since he believes in not showing emotions…………………


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