Consolation of Philosophy

Consolation of Philosophy

“The mind forgets its inward light, And turns in trust to the dark without.” In this line, there is a clear definition of the way problems are able to make a person to be frustrated. This statement comes as a result of the person having under gone too many problems and as a result, he forgets the good thing that he has in life and as a result, simply focuses on the bad and negative things in his life currently. This is something that results in him being a very sad person and one that cannot see any good with his own life (Boethius and Walsh 3). This is something that the author was going through mainly as a result of the fact that he had been through so many problems that has simply made him to be very frustrated with his own life.

Also between different chapter you have to write some sentence to connect two different paragraph. Not only write Book 1 chapter 1, it must be a complete paper not paragraph by paragraph

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For the consolation of philosophy, it is notable that the author is no other than Anicius Manlius Severinus Boëthius. In English, he is more commonly known as Boethius. He was a Roman philosopher who had a career in law as a senator as well as a magister……………………………………..


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