Analyze the interactions among the team members

Analyze the interactions among the team members

Conflict Resolution Assignment

Conflict Resolution Assignment

View the lesson and associated materials. View the video at the bottom of the lesson. Using at least one of the theories or strategies provided in this lesson:

1. Analyze the interactions among the team members (do not simply describe what happened):

a. What are the weakness in this team’s interaction?

b. Based upon what you have learned, use one or more of the strategies in this lesson to develop a plan to:

1. address the team’s issues and improve communication and

2. promote collaboration.

2. Be specific and be sure to identify the relevant theories or strategies.

3. must be submitted on the discussion template.

4. Use appropriate headings to organize your discussion. You may change the font in the template. All headings should be consistent. Use headings to organize your thoughts and present sub topics.

5. Minimum word count 500 (excluding APA references).

hsa_2001_discussion_template (2)

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In the video, the group members initially disagree on certain issues concerning their practice. Evidently, they are emotionally charged and at one point voices seem to rise. Tempers begin to shoot as they become defensive in their body language. According to Interest-Based Relational approach of conflict resolution………………….


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