Five competitive forces

Five competitive forces

Michael Porter discussed the five competitive forces that can impact the success of the business. These competitive forces include: 1) Threat of New Entrants, 2) Bargaining Power of Suppliers, 3) Rivalry Among Existing Firms, 4) Bargaining Power of Customers, and 5) Threat of Substitutes. Conduct a five-force analysis of your industry and discuss how business information systems can be leveraged to address the challenges you have identified from your five-force analysis. Share your analysis in Discussions. Compare and contrast with others’ analyses. Are there commonalities across industries?

Porter, M. E. (2008, January). The five competitive forces that shape strategy. Harvard Business Review86(1), 78–93.

Question 2

This article explores five technology trends that can maximize teamwork, collaboration, and overall communication, thus giving an organization a competitive advantage. Review this paper, then in your ePortfolio summarize the five technology trends presented and discuss if these technology solutions can be implemented in your organization to improve teamwork and communication. Share your workplace-based examples in Discussions.

Five IT Trends to Accelerate Your Business

Pierson, D. (2011). Five IT trends to accelerate your business. Central Penn Business Journal, 27(48), 15–17. Retrieved from the Walden University Library databases.


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Five competitive forces


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