Compare in 175 to 350 words the following communication tools

Compare in 175 to 350 words the following communication tools

This assignment has two parts.

While working in your office, you get an urgent email from the director of another department, Max. Max claims that your work activity created a problem resulting in delays with his subordinates processing an important project, and that he needs a solution to this problem as soon as possible. Upon further investigation, you discover that there are some sub-assembly components needed that are not available for use. You have a couple of options that may help to mitigate the problem. You can contact the inventory control manager to locate a similar item for use, or you could attempt to communicate with the supplier in order to have something similar sent to the plant.

After gathering a few options, you are be ready to communicate a solid response to Max, while collaborating with your department’s director.

Part I:

Compare in 175 to 350 words the following communication tools that could be used to create a response, and explain which method of communication you prefer and why you chose this particular communication method:

Face-to-Face interaction

Phone calls



Part II:

Draft a 175- to 350-word email to send to the director (Max).

Include the following:

your summary of his claim

the information that you gathered about the problem

potential resolutions to the problem

your recommended solution to the problem

Use professional language to communicate your response.


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Face-to-Face interaction involves a physical approach of a party to another party in delivering a particular information. This form of communication can be used where a detailed elaboration of the message is required or the need for an immediate feedback. The communication tool can also be applied in informal context……………………….


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