Communication and cultural differences and challenges

Communication and cultural differences and challenges


Assume you have been selected to participate in Troy’s study abroad program. The study abroad committee has asked all those selected for the program to create a power point presentation on a specific country outlining communication and cultural differences and challenges.  As well as outlining how you will prepare to have a successful study abroad semester.


  • Use what you have learned in the course, the chapter readings and the information presented in Bonus Chapter C (located in the eBook in the Connect section of the class)
  • Use three outside sources and cite your sources on a power point slide at the end of your presentation
  • Pick a country you would like to go to for your semester abroad
  • Create a power point presentation (6 – 10 slides)

o    Include in presentation

  • A brief overview of the country
  • Communication (both verbal and non-verbal) challenges, obstacles and differences
  • Cultural differences and challenges
  • How to prepare for and overcome the communication and cultural barriers, obstacles and challenges for a successful semester abroad

To assist you in your preparation use the following preparing presentation slides checklist:


Questions about the presentation as a whole:

ü  Is there an attractive, clearly worded, readable title slide?

ü  Does the writer make good use of an outline slide?

ü  Is it titled effectively, and are the items in the list of topics grammatically parallel?

ü  Do the slides seem to cover all the important information?

ü  Do the slides seem to be in the most logical order?

ü  Is there a final slide that sums things up or leaves people with a significant thought or finding?

ü  Does the whole presentation have a consistent look?

Questions about every slide:

ü  Is there a strong contrast between the background and the text color?

ü  Is there any type that is too small to be read? (Remember, no typeface should be smaller than 24 points.)

ü  Conversely, is any type too big (yelling)?

ü  Is any typeface hard to read (as with italics or too fancy a font)?

ü  Is there too much or too little information on any slide?

ü  Should any slides be combined or divided up?

ü  If a topic is covered in more than one slide, the title on the subsequent slides should include “(cont’d).” Is every slide accurately/informatively titled?

ü  Has the writer managed the hierarchy of the information well (not using more than two levels of information and making clear which is on the top level and which is on the secondary level)?

ü  Are all headings on the same level grammatically parallel?

ü  Are items in all lists grammatically parallel? Is the wording on each slide clear and grammatically correct?

ü  If there are borrowed facts or quotes, are the sources named clearly on the slides? Is each slide visually clean and attractive?

ü  Should/could the writer add visuals anywhere?

ü  Are all visuals appropriately used and clearly labeled?

ü  Are the dynamic elements (e.g., slide transitions) appropriate for the topic and audience?

ü  Should you use more or less animation at any point?