Strategic communication

Strategic communication

Part One

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Entrepreneurs are challenged with building and sustaining an effective business. There are many variables that affect success, including strategic communication. Explain the role strategic communication plays in an entrepreneur’s success. How can entrepreneurs use strategic communication effectively?

Part 2

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In order to communicate strategically, one must become knowledgeable, actively listen, ask effective questions, and glean goals and key messages from conversations. In Topic 5, you will be conducting an interview with a potential professional mentor with whom you have connected with using LinkedIn. You will want to connect with several potential mentors, in case there are scheduling conflicts, so you can complete your assignment on time in Topic 5.

You will need to conduct research and write a 250-500 word summary on the person as well as the organization(s) or business(es) that the person works for or are affiliated with, including:

Vision and mission.

Use of social media, networking, and platforms for personal, organizational, or business purposes.

It is important to note that conducting research on the person is just as important as the organization or business because it gives you the opportunity to engage interpersonally in a thoughtful way with the person based on shared interests. This is an effective strategy to start establishing a professional relationship with this potential mentor. Determine the value of networking in developing business opportunities and long-term relationships.

In preparation for the interview, you will create a summary of your research and prepare 10-15 interview questions addressing, but not limited to, the following:

Goals of the organization or business.

Organizational priorities for strengthening public relations.

Determine the primary, secondary, and tertiary audiences for the organization’s key messages.

Current relationship between the organization or business and its public/audience.

Current philosophy and procedure of using social media and networking.

Strategies to strengthen relationships with the public.

Organizational opportunities for social engagement and community outreach.

Trends in the industry and the approach to staying current used by the organization or business.

Areas for organizational or business improvement/growth.

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Strategic communication


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