Commonalities of the three western religions

Commonalities of the three western religions

Commonalities of the three western religions

Write a 600 word paper that addresses the following topics:

What is essential (in the practices and beliefs) for a tradition to be called a religion?

Illustrate your points by referring to the commonalities of the three Western religions including a common western religious ethos.

How do different fields of study approach religion?

What are some critical issues in the academic study of religion?

Include specific examples from the various religious traditions described in the Week 1 readings, such as a belief in one God or many gods and goddesses, church on Sunday, holy mountains, or the Quakers calling each other friends. You may also include examples from your own religious tradition or another religious tradition with which you are familiar. (CATHOLIC)

Format your assignment according to appropriate course-level APA guidelines.

Include references

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A tradition is defined as a belief that has a symbolic meaning and it has been passed on from generation to generation. Religion, on the other hand, believes in a supernatural, this belief has been so much influence to the society all through the history…………………………..


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