Com­pare and con­trast different authors’ ideas

Com­pare and con­trast different authors’ ideas

Write a two page short essay, when writing on a reading, use the other assigned readings to help you make your point. A presentation of opposing points of view and making a comparison of two works can lead you to good paper topics. In short, students are encouraged to com­pare and con­trast different authors’ ideas, even as the main focus is on a single reading. Papers may comment on how the author uses words, the construc­tion of the argument, types of evidence, methods, etc. What the paper should NOT do is write about the topic of the reading; rather it should write on how the author treats or approaches his or her topic.


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These two pieces of literature namely, “the Cold war” which was written by Walter Lippmann and “the clash of civilizations” which was written by Samuel Huntington delved into the period when the cold war was at its peak and how different civilizations were at conflict with each other due different ideologies………………..


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