How does it compare to the ANA Code of Ethics

How does it compare to the ANA Code of Ethics

A) Review the American Nurses Association’s Code of Ethics for Nurses with Interpretive Statements (

What are the nurses’ roles and resources for resolving an ethical dilemma?

Choose an inter/ interprofessional practice act or corresponding code of ethics.

(Options can include Codes of Nursing Ethics from a specialty nursing organization or a different country or Codes of Ethics from Medical/osteopathic doctors, chiropractors, physical therapists, speech therapists, nutritionists/dietitians, occupational therapists, police officers, lawyers, massage therapists, etc…)

How does it compare to the ANA Code of Ethics? Discuss the similarities and differences.

Identify a provision from the ANA Code of Ethics that is related to each of the following principles:






B)Resources are available for use to resolve ethical conflicts and legal issues surrounding medical care. Finding out about such resources can help in reducing the stress surrounding the gray areas that are common in today’s health care system. You will select a person to interview who is knowledgeable about making ethical decisions in the healthcare arena. You will come up with the questions to ask that pertain to his/her biography and history in the role as well as showing an understanding of the concepts of ethical conflict and legal implications. This is the Interview Development. Please submit based on the rubric guidelines found under Grading Rubrics in the course menu.See rubric attached

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Ethical dilemmas constitute ethical problems without exact solutions and need to be resolved through light deliberations and negotiations to reach a consensus for resolution. The analysis for resolving the ethical dilemmas is based on the ethical points of view by both parties. For a registered nurse to undertake proper resolutions to ethical dilemmas, they must understand the role ethical decision making plays……………………


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