Classmate Post Response

Classmate Post Response

Classmate Post Response

Respond to each classmate post in a minimum of 100 words. In your peer replies, you are encouraged to challenge responses to promote critical thinking on all sides of a discussion.

HS305: Research Methods for Health Sciences


2 jobs where you will benefit from taking research methods in health science would be clinical research specialist and research specialist. The research specialist job wouldn’t be the job for me only because I wouldn’t have the education level they are asking for if they would over look me not having a master degree that I would most defiantly go after the job. This job consist of:

  • Conduct analysis of quantitative, qualitative, and mixed methods data.
  • Provide input on evaluation and research designs.
  • Collect and manage quantitative and qualitative data.
  • Assist in the dissemination of findings through preparation of tables or graphs as well as written interpretations.
  • Conduct and summarize searches of the scientific literature in written form for grant proposals, publications, or issue briefs.
  • Supervise undergraduate research assistants as necessary based on the needs of specific projects.
  • Represent the Department of Social and Behavioral Science at meetings with evaluation and research partners, seminars, conferences, and community speaking engagements.

The person will make decisions regarding technical direction of research within the Department of Social and Behavioral Science for assigned project areas. Working with deadlines with scheduling research projects and identifying problems. Personnel decisions with members of the assigned team.

The clinical research specialist would be more of the job for me I would have the required education that they want you to have. I have hands on experience dealing with people who have Alzheimer Disease. This would be a position that I can see myself in. This job consist of:

This position will be responsible for the research participant recruitment process for the Indiana Alzheimer Disease Center and affiliated studies including those in the IU Center for Neuroimaging.

Primary Job Duties and Responsibilities:

This position coordinates all recruitment activities of the IADC and related studies. This will include ensuring that recruitment deliverables and goals are met by directly recruiting participants, working with other IADC staff involved in recruitment, screening and scheduling, interacting with CTSI RESNET and other recruitment services and by representing the IADC at select local healthcare related events. This position will interview and screen potential participants, review medical records to determine eligibility, and track results.



Hi Prof, Classmates,

In this week’s discussion forum, we all are taking the time to reflect on the skills we all have accumulated from our Research Methods for Health Sciences course and how they have been enhanced for our future career and job search. I have chosen video #1, since I believe I will benefit the most from it. It provides some amazing insights on how to create resumes and how to structure them to be appealing to my employers. Even though currently I am Active Duty military, I truly believe that if I start now by gaining the proper skills necessary to build an outstanding resume, it will help me when I plan to be retired from the military. Two jobs that I believe that will benefit me by taking Research Method for Health Sciences are Medical Scientist and Computer Scientist. A Medical Scientist are professionals that are usually working in a lab that aims to improving human well-being and overall health (Flynn, 2013). I could see myself being a Medical Scientist since I enjoy research to find new information about ways to improve human health. Computer Science Professional are unique because they are heavily involved in the building of computer software and programs that the computer can use to communicate. Today we cannot do without the professionals who oversee developing computer science equipment and because of these individual’s new databases and new software are developed each day (Dendrinos, 2008). Even though I am currently interested in pursuing a career in the Nursing field within the Navy, I would feel great about pursuing a career as a Medical Scientist after retirement. I like the fact that they do extensive research and trial on new medications to determine if it’s an effective method of treatment for a person with a certain illness (Flynn, 2013). I like the field of medicine and everything that goes with helping others. Whether it’s taking care of a patients or doing detailed research to make sure that they are receiving the proper medication therapy for their sickness, it is very appealing to me and I enjoy the feeling of having options if my initial plan changes in the future by becoming a Medical Scientist.


HS415: Enviromental Heatlh


As the federal debt increases, political volatility and legislative indecisiveness continues, we currently have no permanent solution for high levels of radiation waste disposal. Without the ability to disposal of nuclear waste, the waste remains at current reactor sites. The government absorbs this cost at an estimated 500 million dollars each year delayed. A centralized consolidated disposal facility would allow private companies to take over disposal until a permanent solution can be found for disposal. The United States does not currently reprocess this hazardous waste so as we delay storage, the direct responsibility is at the taxpayer cost. Consolidating these waste products would be the most efficient way for regulation and monitoring the waste products to prevent accidental exposure to the community and environment. While transporting has its risks, the current political and legislative climate fails to present a plan for disposal other than absorbing them at current facilities. A single consolidated collection of radioactive waste would provide a well-regulated establishment until a permanent solution is found.




The handling of waste is very important. From the time any waste is produced controls should be placed right at the generator until it finally reaches the terminal location. Having one central location for radioactive waste is more ideal than several locations. With just the one treatment facility there will be no doubt any inspections and also facility updates that will be handles more promptly vices multiple locations. With the thought of multiple location the capacity of each would differ between each other. Having to coordinate multiple facilities in various locations can and will become a bourdon as to making sure all are up to code and simultaneously able to continuity. The isolating the public of the dangerous nuclear waste is a top priority. There are different levels of radioactive waste low intermediate and high, none the less the waste will still emit an amount of radiation. The amount of waste produced by the nuclear power industry is small relative to other industrial activities. 97% of the waste produced is classified as low- or intermediate-level waste (LLW or ILW). Such waste has been widely disposed of in near-surface repositories for many years (World Nuclear Association, 2018).


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