What do you understand by the term cannonization

What do you understand by the term cannonization

What do you understand by the term cannonization

Instructions: Answer any 5 of the following questions and submit them to the Blackboard by the due date.


Most questions are open ended so feel free to give your opinions or refer to the lectures/class discussions.

The length of your answers are not important.


What do you understand by the term cannonization? Explain historically.

Are religions and Civilizations phenomena? Why? What is the religious viewpoint about the relationship between the two?

Analyze only two of the four Sunni Islamic legal schools by mentioning whether they are inclined to ray or hadith?

Which of the three historical-critical approaches to study historical phenomena is most significant according to you and why?

Explain the reasons of the decline of the Ottoman Empire.

Discuss three theological schools in the light of their social and political circumstances.

Is there a correlation between the development of Islamic theological thought and Islamic legal thought? If yes, explain.

Explain briefly the main political factors that resulted into the emergence of Shi’ism.

What are the reasons for diversity and different legal opinions?

What are the contents of Islamic law?

How many trends/approaches appeared in the early phase of the development of Islamic legal thought and what happened to them towards the end of the 9th century?

What are the phases of development of Islamic legal thought?

Discuss the Umayyad Empire by referring to their social system and reasons for their decline.

How does the history of Islamic legal thought represent history of Islamic civilisation in general?

Kindly include the 5 questions you will answer

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