Civil Rights Act

Civil Rights Act

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Generally speaking I usually feel that there can be exceptions to every rule, this situation is just a little harder, due to the nature of the job, and rules already set in place. Amendment one allows the freedom to exercise religion, coupled with Title VII of the which prohibits the discrimination by employers on the basis of race, color, religion, sex or national origin. It also established the EEOC (Equal Employment Opportunity Commission). This also allows for employees to bring private lawsuits against their employers if they believe they have been discriminated against. It also prohibits sexual harassment as well as pregnancy, age, and disability discrimination (M.U.S.E., 2019). Armed with these two pieces of information you would think the answer to Asalah’s question would be a straight forward yes, but that is not always the case. Having read both the CDOC (Colorado Department of Corrections) employee handbook section “Personal Appearance & Attire,” as well as Administrative Regulation 1450-31 Appearance and Dress Code, there is nothing mentioned regarding religious wear. According to Regulation 1450-31 she would need to put in a request to deviate from the standards of personal appearance and dress contained within the regulation. Therefore; there could be an exception made for her, pending the administration head’s approval (CDOC AR 1450-31, 2018).

I do believe that wearing the Khimar could put her in danger from the female inmates. A lot of the time people fear what they do not understand. In this day and age, it seems like more people group Muslims under the category of Terrorism due to past events and the actions of few. She could possibly be targeted more for aggression, staff assaults, and verbal abuse. I do not feel that the offer to place her in the classification department an act of discrimination, as it was simply an offer. She was not forced into the department, just asked if she would like to transfer, to better accommodate her religious practices. The administrators could give her the reasoning of allowing the exception for her, could mean having to allow the exception for others, regardless of religious preference, doing away with the policy and the initial reasoning behind it, safety.

There are many policies put into place for the safety of staff members as well as inmates. I also agree that people should be free to practice their religious beliefs as they see fit. In this situation however, I simply do not think it would be a good idea for her to wear her head scarf into the facility as it can easily be turned into a weapon against her, fellow staff members, or even other inmates. These policies are put in place for a reason and should be abided by.

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Civil Rights Act


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