Chinese Elders Research Proposal Paper

Chinese Elders Research Proposal Paper

Final Paper Guidelines

You will demonstrate your mastery of course concepts and skills in your final paper. Course materials and assignments are designed to help you practice the skills/components needed for the final paper. The paper should be 8-10 pages in length (before references), be double spaced, size 12 font. You have three paper options, therefore your paper should follow the specific guidelines below guidelines below.

Research Proposal Paper

– This paper will require you to come up with a research idea of your own! First, come up with a hypothesis related to some developmental topic. You will need to come up with background and significance for this hypothesis. Then, design a study that includes sampling, measurement, and data collection approaches sufficient to answer the questions you have posed. You must also come up with an analysis plan and expected results from those analyses. (The expected results should be, in part, based on your background reading.) The structure of the paper should include:

– An introduction, including background of existing literature, significance, and your hypothesis (3-4 pages).

– A design section, with references to your sampling, methodology, measurement, and data collection approaches (2-3 pages).

– An analysis plan section, with specific analyses and variable you would be interested in focusing on (1-2 pages).

– A possible results section, with what you expect to find (1 page).

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Development is a constant thing that takes place over a person’s life. There are several stages including childhood, adult and the elderly. Becoming an elder is in the last stages of development and an individual in this stage is considered to be in the last stage of their life……………………………


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