Behaving for Success in China

Behaving for Success in China

TOPIC: “Behaving for Success in China”

AUDIENCE: Fellow co-workers


You are currently working for a company that is attempting to succeed in the China market. You have located a Chinese company that is willing to partner with your company. As the designated “China expert” you are requested to brief a group of fellow employees who will be the first to travel to China and meet with your potential partners.


Prepare a brief (1-2 pages) to give your co-workers tips and advice for their trip to China. You will specifically want to assist them with preparations for attending a banquet with the Chinese company. Please make sure to cover the following topics:

What are ten things never to do in China?

What are differences in the approach to relationships between the Chinese and Westerners (in general)?

Will the pace of living and doing business in China be the same as in your (Western) company?

How will the Chinese business partners communicate differently than what is familiar?

Can you expect the Chinese partners to behave to their superiors in the same way as in your company?

What is more important to the Chinese partner, how your business operates and what you produce, or making relationships first, then conducting operations?

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China is one of the most promising places for the business traveller. It has unlimited potential which when well exploited could turn very profitable. Nonetheless, there some things that one should not do when visiting China they include………………………..


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