Checks and balance

Checks and balance

Checks and balance

We talk about the “checks and balances” in our system of government, yet those words are not in the Constitution. This forum asks you to examine the Supreme Court’s role in balancing the power of the other branches of government.

1) What is the Supreme Court’s “check” on the other branches of government? From where does this power come? Please discuss the relevant case, Marbury v. Madison, providing a summary of the facts and an explanation of the Court’s decision. WHY does the Court say they have this power?

2) Give details of a recent use of this power by the Court.

3) In your opinion, does the Court abuse this power?

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The U.S Supreme Court has a particular mandate to fulfill in the system of governance in the country since it makes sure there is equality in the roles of the other arms of government. To attempts the assurance that no particular arm of government enjoys excessive authority at……………………
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