The appropriate measure(s) for central tendency

The appropriate measure(s) for central tendency

Use the internet to find one example of each of the following graphs:

Line graph

Bar graph (horizontal or vertical bars are acceptable)

Pie graph

Suppose you were presenting these graphs to a group of people (clients, co-workers, friends, etc.) who are not mathematically savvy.

Create 8-slides presentation with speaker notes/references that provides a non-technical explanation of each graph. Remember, you are addressing people who probably do not like or understand mathematical terms.

For each graph, include the following:

Screenshot of your graph.

For the line graph, what are the labels on the horizontal and vertical axes?

For the bar graph, what labels are on the bars? What is being measured in this graph? (Hint: look at the axis label.)

For the pie graph, what is the title, in other words, what is it measuring?

How would you improve each graph if at all? Is anything missing, misleading, or perhaps just wrong with this graph?

What would be the appropriate measure(s) for central tendency (mean, median, mode) to display with each graph?

What measure of dispersion (range, standard deviation) would be best?

Provide a reference citation for the source of your graph so your facilitator can find the graph online. Note: sometimes information changes from day to day on websites, hence the reason for the required screenshot in first bullet point above.

Note: If you are having difficulty finding graphs here are a few places to consider looking:

Your online utility bill

Your fitness app

A dashboard at your office

U.S. Government websites such as:

The Bureau of Labor Statistics

The Bureau of Economic Analysis

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

A scholarly article in the University Library

Business, finance, and money management websites


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The appropriate measure(s) for central tendency
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