The principles of Conscious Capitalism

The principles of Conscious Capitalism

Section 1- The principles of Conscious Capitalism are usually applied to a business, but to help us make these choices, we will be applying them to the governments of the countries under consideration for growth but first need to answer these questions; o Can/should we view government as a business in order to eventually apply the principles of Conscious Capitalism? o What information does the research show on this topic? Present an in-depth analysis of the pro’s and con’s of this approach. You will need to use at least 3 scholarly sources to support your thoughts in addition to the readings for this week. o How would you use the principals of Conscious Capitalism to analyze the possible markets and their governments for expansion goals?

Section 2 -Research the markets that you can expand into from your home base in Chicago; Paris, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai o Create a profile for each of the expansion areas (Paris, Sao Paulo, and Shanghai). Include the following information. Economic data, i.e., population, Gross National Product (GDP) Cultural data; i.e., Hofstede Cultural Dimensions Which of the 4 principles of Conscious Capitalism are demonstrated by the government of the country?

Section 3 – Recommendations for expansion. Using the results of this analysis and knowing the cultural profile your company leadership has already creating, make detailed recommendations for expansion progression. This should include; o Include in-depth description of your company, its products, and other relevant information to support the recommendations. o The logic that you are using to support your recommendations. This can include the projected sales and profit information, the links to Conscious Capitalism, any other factors which formed your recommendations.

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The principles of Conscious Capitalism

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