The venture product or service 

The venture product or service

The business is a commercial cleaning company

The next step you will take in developing your Business Plan is to describe the venture’s product or service (step 7) and identify the location and layout (step 9).

Business Plan Elements

7. Describe the venture’s product or service

9. Location and Layout


Features: Describe in depth your products or services (technical specifications, drawings, photos, sales brochures, and other bulky items belong in Appendices).

Customer Benefits: What factors will give you competitive advantages or disadvantages? Examples include level of quality or unique or proprietary features.

What are the pricing, fee, or leasing structures of your products or services?


How and where are your products or services produced?

Explain your methods of:

Production techniques and costs

Quality control

Customer service

Inventory control

Product development

Location & Layout


Demographic analysis

Traffic count

Lease/rental rates

Labor needs and supply

Wage rates


Size requirements

ADA compliance

Ergonomic issues

Layout plan

Solution Preview for the order on the venture product or service

The Venture’s products and services

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