Business in the changing world

Business in the changing world

Based on the recommended readings and your own experience, post a 100 word minimum response to the following discussion question. Please, make sure your answer reflects your own words and critical thinking.

Responses must be written in APA style. In-text citations and references are required when utilizing outside sources of any kind. Review the requirements for citations under the Week 1 Course Materials Section, Discussion Rubric.

Answer all parts to the discussion question.

A) What is an entrepreneur? If you consider yourself an entrepreneur, provide an example.

B)  Review Table 6.1 on page 176 called Facts About Small Businesses.  Select one or two bullet points and provide some insight in what you learned about these facts.

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An entrepreneur can often be fined as a person that is able to organize resources so as to operate a business while in the process taking a great financial risk (Gasparski, Ryan and Kwiatkowski, 2010). They are often people that are willing to make sure that they encounter the………………………………………….


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