Post of a current and provocative business ethics issue/dilemma

Post of a current and provocative business ethics issue/dilemma

Contemporary Business Ethics Issue/Dilemma Assignment

Task: 1 x 20-point post of a current and provocative business ethics issue/dilemma and 2 x 5-point responses to two classmate’s posts for a total of 30 points. Due dates vary per the first letter of your last name.


to show the prevalence of business ethics issues in our society and how difficult they can be to resolve

get students to use the skills/terms acquired in this class to analyze “real life” contemporary business ethics situations


post up an interesting business ethics issue/dilemma in the appropriate Discussion on Canvas

note: the issue must be business-related: abortion, capital punishment, the border wall, etc. are all important and interesting issues, but are not business ethics issues. See page 2 for some examples of business ethics issue

post up an issue that is not a slam dunk case of wrongdoing: post a case that is “morally ambiguous”—one that can be seen from two or more angles

leave a link to an online article/story and then briefly summarize the issue you have selected

analyze the issue: break the issue down and show the different ways of seeing the issue

be a neutral reporter; it is natural to lean to one side and it’s okay to indicate that, but try to steer clear of moralizing

relate the issue to material you have been exposed to in this class: course notes, PowerPoints, and assigned readings

refer to the theories and authors from our class textbook

respond in a substantive and meaningful way to two classmates papers it’s fine to compliment what they have written, but also be constructively critical: point out an area where the paper could have been improved or was off the mark. point out grammar mistakes, formatting, spelling; anything that in your opinion would go to improve their paper. Maybe they need to add more references to course material, or better explain the references that are there. Basically, find something that needs to be improved and “gently” let them know.

if the response to classmate is of adequate length but missing constructive criticism, that will result in a -2 penalty.

comment—in two full paragraphs— directly on what your classmate wrote; and say what your own thoughts on the issue that they presented are


post up your issue/dilemma in the appropriate Discussion on Canvas; cut and paste it into the body of the discussion rather than attaching it as a document

length: 1.5 pages single-spaced (length is checked, and points will be deducted for failure to comply)

11-point Times New Roman font

Include an informal works referenced/cited page; include the page number for references to our textbook


follow the above structure and format as closely as possible

select an appropriate business ethics issue

accurately represent both (all) sides of the issue

make 2 cogent references of at least one paragraph each to course material and give them some depth and detail

Post up your issues/questions and responses on the home page link entitled “Post Business Ethics Issue” at prescribed times over the course of the semester. Your post time depends on the first letter of your last name. I do this so that we do not get everyone posting at the same time. late penalties accrue as follows: 1 day = 10%, 2 days = 15%, 3 days =25%. No submissions accepted after 3 days.

First letter of last name R-Z post an issue/question due Sept 30

First letter of last name I-Q post an issue/question due Oct 31

First letter of last name A-H post an issue/question due Nov 30

Attention: please try to post your paper well before the midnight deadline so that classmates will have an opportunity to comfortably read and comment on your post. If you have posted on time and are waiting for a classmate to post, do not fret, eventually your classmate will post. I will accept comments on classmate’s posts up to 24 hours after the due date without penalty.

example dilemmas/issues: A dilemma is a case where what is right or wrong is unclear. The following are some good examples of issues/dilemmas:

If we limit the number and kinds of ads run during children’s programming, it will have an impact on the quantity and quality of programming; but if we do not, then children will be exposed at an early age to ads that can/will influence their growing minds.

If we allow fracking, it will loosen our dependence on foreign sources of oil, but it will greatly impact the environment.

The ethics of potential employers using personality exams that are very invasive.

The ethics a boss taking the credit for work that a worker did.

Libre By Nexus Bail Bonds helps undocumented residents to get out of jail but makes millions and their customers are fitted with a tracking device.

The issue of whether employers should screen potential candidates’ social media sites.

The practice of airlines overbooking

The practice of companies laying off employees to save costs

There are many dilemmas/issues; feel free to run one by me if you are not sure whether it is a good one or not.

Be sure to present on a case where what is right or wrong is not obvious; so any case where there is clear fraud, lying, cheating, stealing, etc. is a case of clear wrong doing and is not appropriate for this assignment.

Make it a recent issue from within the last year, and make sure the issue is business ethics. Again, this is not a general moral issues assignment, but a business ethics assignment. So, abortion, the death penalty, euthanasia, etc. are all important issues, but are not business ethics issues.

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Post of a current and provocative business ethics issue/dilemma


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