Business law

Business law

Business law short answer questions

Define and differentiate between the Closed Shop, the Union Shop, and the Agency Shop. How does each designation affect hiring?

Are race and color distinctions mutually exclusive under the Civil Rights Act of 1964? Can two persons be of the same race but of different colors under the act? What are the five racial groups defined by the act?

Discrimination based upon religion is unlawful. Does this mean that all religious practices are protected absolutely under the act? What actions, if any, must an employer take in consideration of an employee’s religious beliefs?

How does the Fair Labor Standards Act affect child labor, minimum wage, and overtime wages?

What differentiates disparate treatment discrimination from disparate impact discrimination? Be very comprehensive and specific in your answer, and set forth an example of each.

Define those who qualify for unpaid family medical leave under the Family and Medical Leave Act of 1993. What benefits may be obtained under the act?

Define and distinguish an employer lockout, picketing, and secondary picketing


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Business Law


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