Business Ethics

Business Ethics

Business Ethics Paper -“The Big Short”
1600 words

Read the book carefully and identify at least five key situational ethical problems answering for each problem identified:
1. Why does the ethical situation exist?
2. How does the ethical situation impact the organization, the markets, and of course, the individuals?
3. Who is responsible for creating the problem(s)?
1. Outline one or two possible ethical solutions for each problem drawing your comments from additional readings or research, discussions with colleagues and your personal experience.
2. For each of your possible outlined solutions, list at least two pros and cons, and whether your possible solutions are realistic and why.
3. Finally, choose one of your possible solutions as your recommended course of action(s) with your justifications for choosing this one recommended solution.

Your report should use the following clearly identified sections:
1. Book summary (briefly)
2. Background information (briefly)
3. Problems identified
4. Alternative proposed ethical solutions
5. Your proposed solution and course of action

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Business Ethics
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