Buisness Tort Liability

Buisness Tort Liability

Imagine you own a taxi cab business – ABC Taxi. One evening, Melissa Smith stood outside her downtown hotel, hailing a cab. The driver of an ABC Taxi, Max Speed, came to a screeching halt at the curb. Ms. Smith opened the rear door of the taxi and began to climb inside. As she climbed inside, Ms. Smith placed her right hand on the roof of the car where the top of the door would close. Suddenly, the cab driver accelerated, causing the rear door to slam shut onto Ms. Smith’s hand. Ms. Smith suffered broken bones in her right hand and wrist. She also suffered a neck injury as she was thrown against the back seat when the taxi lurched forward. Mr. Speed later explained that he accelerated suddenly to avoid being struck by a shuttle bus, which he thought was about to collide with the taxi when he saw it approaching very rapidly in his rearview mirror.

Outline an evaluation of this case in a minimum of 10 paragraphs words in which you include the following:

  • Identify some of the potential (around 8 )torts that might arise from this business context.
  • Explain whether or not the driver for the company, Max Speed, is liable for any of the injuries Ms. Smith suffered.
  • Explain whether or not the company, ABC Taxi, is liable for any of the injuries Ms. Smith suffered.
  • Discuss ways to prevent or mitigate the risk of the potential torts.

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A tort liability is the situation where legal action has to be taken on an individual because of a civil wrong or injury that they have caused another person (Bayles and Chapman………………………..


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