College binge drinking

College binge drinking

Topic: the causes and the effects college binge drinking.

Without any research.You are to type a 900 word cause and effect essay following MLA formal

Your essay must have a thesis sentence that indicates what you will prove in the body of the essay. This sentence should indicate. You may want to choose a thesis sentence such as

Although I enjoyed smoking. I have had many positive experiences since I quit smoking.

Do NOT start your introductory paragraph with the thesis statement. The thesis sentence should come at the end of the introductory paragraph.

2. The body of your essay must present logical, directly related, detailed examples or evidence of the causes and effects.

Be sure to use transitions to help link ideas and to move from one idea to another.Consider leaving the best or most important example for last.

3. The conclusion of your essay must emphasize your purpose and leave the essay with a sense of completion.

4. Proofread for and correct any mechanical or grammatical errors.



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College Binge Drinking


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