The Back Bay Battery simulation

The Back Bay Battery simulation

Simulation Debrief – Battery

1. Discuss your conclusions from the Back Bay Battery simulation. WRITE a post of approximately 150 words that summarizes your answers, the key decisions you made, and what you learned from the simulation.

Think about the following scenario in your reply. Your development team notes that ultracapacitor manufacturing will generate significant negative environmental impacts – doubling pollution of local lakes and rivers around your plant (although not making you do anything illegal). You are also informed that there is no known way to recycle these products and that their disposal in landfills or incinerators will lead to a significant release of mercury into the soil or air respectively (although still legal). How, if at all, will these considerations weigh in your decision on how to proceed with ultracapacitor development? Would it matter to your decision if you lived near the plant where the product will be manufactured? Does it matter whether this is your family’s private business or you are leading a public company? What would make you more likely to act on these considerations?

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The Back Bay Battery simulation
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