Augustine and His Adversaries

Augustine and His Adversaries

Augustine and His Adversaries

This is a theology course, so keep that into perspective please.

itll be a 4-5 pages maximum essay , no more than 5 pages please.

its about one of 3 topics and i choose topic # 2 .

rubric and format and course material are all attached .

and the most IMPORTANT thing is to follow with the readings, don’t get sources from outside readings please.

please contact me if you accept.

Second Paper Prompt



Question chosen


  • The Augustinian and Pelagian positions concerning grace and free will affect how one understands freedom. Augustine holds that, without God’s grace, a person cannot choose the good and persevere in the good once it is chosen. Pelagius argued that God’s grace was necessary to provide a person the ability to choose the good, but his or her choosing and remaining in the good are the products of his or her own efforts entirely. After summarizing these two positions, explain what effect they have on one’s understanding of freedom. In other words, based on their understandings of the role of grace in salvation, how do Pelagius and Augustine understand human freedom? How do these understandings differ? Which offers the stronger position?



FORMAT: The paper must be double spaced throughout with one inch margins (top, bottom, left, right). The font should be Times New Roman, 11 or 12 point. The maximum page length of the paper is 5 pages. Anything beyond the fifth page, I will not read. The header at the top of the page should be flush left, doubled spaced, and should include on four lines in the order given the following: your full name, Mr. Deutsch, TRS 201-64: Faith Seeking Understanding, and the due date. The title of your paper falls on the next line in the center; it should not be bolded or italicized. At the top right hand corner, ½ inch below the top of the page in the header, should be your last name and the page number.

            The paper should include an introduction, body, and conclusion. The introduction must include as the penultimate or ultimate sentence a thesis statement, which summarizes the main point you are trying to make in the paper. The body should explain, support, and/or argue for your thesis. The conclusion should restate your thesis in a different way than you did in the introduction and summarize the main points you made in the body of the paper in order to wrap up the paper.

            If you use any sources, you must cite them. You have a choice between using MLA or Chicago Manual of Style (CMS or Turabian). If you are aware of these citation styles, then check out the Purdue Owl website: This site is very thorough and even offers helpful ideas concerning the writing process.


DUE DATE: Thursday, December 1st, 2016, at the beginning of the class. We will use the SafeAssign app on blackboard to turn in the papers. 


ROUGH DRAFTS: If you want to turn in a rough draft for me to look over before you turn in the final draft, you may. You will use the SafeAssign app to turn in the paper, which I will need to have by November 17th, unless you choose the third option, which the due date is November 20th. I must assume everyone will take advantage of this option, and if that is the case, then I need a week to comment on them and get them back to you in time for you to make any changes. I will not give any official grade for this draft, but since SafeAssign requires me to give a numerical score for you to see my comments, then I will assign every draft a 50/100. This numerical score in no way reflects the quality of your draft and will not factor into the final grade. 



I do not feel the first rubric I used to grade your papers did a good enough job. I am replacing it with the one below:


Does your paper :(1) address one and only one of the topics assigned for the paper,  0   1

(2) follow the proper formatting outlined in the paper prompt,                        1   2

(3) avoid catastrophic errors in content AND fewer than five writing errors,   0   1   2

(4) flow well, with good transitions between paragraphs and good organization within each paragraph,         1   2   3

(5) take a clear position––makes a claim or has a thesis––and try to support that claim in the development of the paper,  1   2   3

(6) avoid jargon and vague prose while using appropriate theological and logical vocabulary,            0   1   2

(7) develop a coherent argument for your thesis, which the reader should find to be valid even if they do not think it is sound (This sentence means that, while the reader may not agree with you, he or she can still see how your conclusion logically follows your evidence),   1   2   3

(8) shed some light on the issue and contribute theologically to a better understanding of the theological question or the world or both?   1  2

Is your paper (9) easy to read and to follow if read out loud,  0   1

(10) free of major errors or omissions in content?       1   2

Total points = _______/20 = _______ %

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As human beings, we are free to choose between doing good and evil. Every day, we are faced with different choices and the choices often have consequences. While some choose wrongly, other individuals choose to be good and to do good. The difference between good and bad is………………………………………..


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