Exhibiting and Selling Art

Exhibiting and Selling Art

Read Chapter 1, “Exhibiting and Selling Art” in “The Business of Being an Artist” for journal (After you read this chapter write about what was most important to you as an artist. Do you have goals to exhibit and sell art or other career pursuits? Record your comments in your journal.)

Reading response

“Art in Theory”( Harrison, Charles and Wood, Paul, ed.,Art in Theory 1900-2000: An Anthology of Changing Ideas)

(Massachusetts: Blackwell Publishing, 2002).

Diego Rivera: pages 421-424

Frances Bacon: 635-639

Paul Cezanne: 33-36

Steve A. Jones

Biography by Jamin Brophy-Warren


Pablo Medina Biography by William Bostwick


What key issues in these readings do you agree or disagree with? Explain why. What do you come away with after reading these articles? Be prepared to discuss your thoughts.

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Exhibiting and Selling Art


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