Research Paper:Early Medieval Weapons in the North Caucasus

Research Paper:Early Medieval Weapons in the North Caucasus

In your final essay, you will write a 3-4 page (12pt font, double spaced) critical review of an academic scholarly article written by a professional historian. Your essay should be double spaced with 12pt Times New Roman Font. 

The review should be a concise thoughtful critique / examination of the historian’s argument in the article. Your review should clearly identify the author’s thesis and must discuss the author’s use of sources (both primary and secondary). Your essay should have a clear thesis and introduction in which you summarize the author’s argument and offer a broad critique of its value. 

Format all your citations as footnotes and include a bibliography according to The Chicago Manual of Style. You are responsible for understanding when and how to cite. A quick guide may be found here: instructions will be given in class.

Kaminsky, V.N. “Early Medieval Weapons in the North Caucasus: A Preliminary Review.” Oxford Journal of Archaeology, 15:1 (1996) 95–105.

This article discusses weapons found in the Caucasus Mountains that are dated to the early medieval period, around the sixth to the ninth century. The data displays how far weaponry has come since the early medieval period, in this time period battles were fought in very close quarters with a sword mainly before the longbow and the gun were invented, though there were already bows and spears. The information in the article is mainly the observations of the weapons found in the Caucasus mountains and the historians and archaeologist have been study the weapons to better understand  how battles were fought in this area before the ninth century. The article is published in the Oxford journal of archaeology so it is a trustworthy source of historiography that has been peer reviewed. The author uses reliable sources that help identify and compare the different weapons that were discovered.”



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The article draws its focus on the stages that resulted in the development of mediaeval weapons in the period ranging from the middle ages up to the 19th century. The work mainly focused on how the Turkish bow functioned as well as other weapons…………………

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