Applying leadership principles

Applying leadership principles

For this assignment, imagine yourself a manager with a team of employees experiencing low morale due to a recent merger. Make a case for creating a reward and recognition system that will increase motivation.

Write a persuasive business communication to the management team at your organization. In some workplaces a communication of this sort may be sent out as an email; in other organizations, it may be a paper attachment to an email or perhaps a document presented in a management meeting.

In the body of your communication, address these three aspects of your topic in 1-2 single-spaced pages:

  • Describe the problem
  • Recommend a solution
  • Provide the expected outcomes

Use the sample memo template (link below) for the assignment.

Solution Preview
The main purpose of this Email is to deal with the low morale that has been detected in the employees. The low morale can be attributed in the recent merger of our organization with the Smith ad Sons organization which resulted from the need to increase the profits gained by our company……………………………………
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