Apple’s Organizational Behavior

Apple’s Organizational Behavior

Apple’s Organizational Behavior

Note: Use Apple Inc.Use the attached pdf to familiarize yourself with this course and in order to answer this first step of the project.

Project steps

This is just the first step which is include:

  1. Select aspecificorganization of interest to you and identify a problem at the firm related to organizational behavior (OB).
  2. Think of yourself as an organizational consultant and assume that a key manager has requested a thorough analysis and recommended course of action to resolve an actual organizational problem that will make a difference to the future performance of the organization.

Identify which course Terminal Course Objectives (TCOs) are related to the problem you identify.

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Course Notes

Solution Preview

Apple is an American multinational that has operations on a global scale. Its products are well sold globally and this means that they have a global work force from all the different places on earth. The organization therefore faces a problem with relation to the cultural diversity that is……………………………………..


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