How faithful is your use of each concept to the author’s definition

How faithful is your use of each concept to the author’s definition

Anticipatory Perception and Construction:

INSTRUCTIONS: Having all the readings at your disposal, construct an image of the self that you are striving to become. As we have seen with Hegel, in order to maintain power, the master has a need to constantly crush the slave’s conscious. The less people take thought seriously, the more they think in conformity with what the master wants. Take this opportunity to piece together a healthy image of the self that you are working to become. Combine the application of the dialectic along with selected concepts and personal anticipations in order to generate an image of self that has the potential to make a difference / mark the world in a real way.
OBJECTIVE: The learning objective of the assignment is twofold: first, to make explicit connections between the material we are reading in class and your own lived experience. Second, to practice operationalizing (putting into use) the concepts introduced in the class, thereby demonstrating your understanding of them.


Accuracy (/14)

How faithful is your use of each concept to the author’s definition?

Appropriateness (/14)

Are the concepts chosen appropriate? Do they illuminate, explain, or help theorize the experience?

Reflexivity (/14)

Does the paper demonstrate sustained reflection on the relevance and significance of the material we are studying for your own lived experience?

Integration (/14)

Is it clear that you have made meaningful connections between the material (the concepts chosen) and your experience?


Is your writing precise, concise, articulate, and direct? Is your paper well organized? Is it engaging?

Total (70)


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The ideal self, in simple terms basically means the “you.” However, this is not you at the current time but it is the person you are striving to become at some future time. It is a process of “becoming” who you ought to be. More often than not, the current self is simply what it is but there is that self that people need to be……………………………..


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