Research paper on 3 ancient heroes/figures

Research paper on 3 ancient heroes/figures

I need a 2-3 page research paper on 3 ancient heroes . oedipus the king, sundiata and alexander the great.

The three point to talk about are appearance , action and appreciation which also should be mentioned is thesis statement.

Talk about each figure’s appearance , action and appreciation and compare

Start the research paper with a quote

It is crucial that the thesis statement mention appearance , action and appreciation as these are the main point.

Also please i need an outline with the three main points appearance , action and appreciation(( an example will be attached on both outline and how the paper should look like ))



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Bob Dylan once said that “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.” In the ancient times, heroes featured prominently in wars, myths, and in different pieces of literature. In fact, they played vital roles in the society since they could do things that were beyond the human ability. In the ancient society there those heroes that feature greatly in ancient mythology………………………….


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