Analysis on a commencement speech given by Jim Carey

Analysis on a commencement speech given by Jim Carey

Analysis on a commencement speech given by Jim Carey

Anyone familiar with the 2014 comencement speech given by Jim Carey?? I need a 2 page critique / analysis on a commencement speech given by Jim Carey to the Maharishi University of Management | May 24, 2014.  This is a public speaking class so I must give strengths and weaknesses based on a public speaking standpoint. For example, what visual aids were used, speaking style, non verbal ques, hand gestures, facial expressions, etc.  I will give you some things that I liked about the commencement speech and you can watch it for yourself and put your own insight into it.  Below are the instructions.  Remember, this is a public speaking class and the assignment is a critique of a commencement speech.  The link to the speech (both written and video) is below.

Students must research and critique a speech and write an analysis of the speech (2 pages). The final draft should be typed, double-spaced. A works cited section should be included at the end of the paper, following APA Format for all sources used.

The written analysis should include:

  • setting/purpose of speech
  • discussion of the speech’s strengths and weaknesses
  • rhetorical/stylistic devices
  • audience adaptation
  • analysis of 2 direct quotes
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The commencement speech by Jim Carrey to Maharishi University of Management is one to remember because of the laughter and advice about how they could lead their lives and how they could handle their future after the graduation……………………………………..
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