American Religious History

American Religious History

American Religious History

Respond to the following scenario:

You are a journalist with the Historical Society and have been asked to ‘go back in time’ and interview Jonathan. Jonathan is a Puritan living at the time when the ‘Founding Fathers’ are working to put together the Constitution. The focus of your interview is to introduce modern readers to Jonathan’s world by asking him about his background, family, culture, worldview, and beliefs – anything that will enable to the modern reader to understand the religious milieu and fervor that would have shaped Jonathan’s world.

The script of your interview should be written in full; showing both the questions you would ask and the responses Jonathan might provide. You must ask a minimum of 5 questions. Insert citations in the interview script so the modern reader might go and learn more about life as a Puritan and/or the religious setting just following the American Revolution. You should list those sources at the end of your interview document. Your interview should use a minimum of 3 sources and should be between 2-3 pages long.

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The history of religion in America started with the initial pilgrim pioneers who came on the Mayflower in 1620. Their protestant belief inspired their organization as a society to the new globe from Europe which offered a suitable environment for their religious undertakings……………………………


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