American Literature prompts

American Literature prompts

American Literature prompts

Prompt One: Myths have been defined as the following: “The dramatic representation of culturally important truths in narrative form.” A creation myth conveys a story of beginnings and identity, how the world began and where a people came from. Keep in mind, the term myth does not imply a false story, but one that a culture holds true and that shapes its identity. Myths typically emerge from oral tradition and are later transcribed and translated. With these thoughts in mind, compare and contrast the Iroquois creation story with either the biblical account or the Pima creation myth. You may also discuss a theme, such as relationships (between humans and animals, for instance), the role of women, attitudes toward death, etc.

Prompt Two: Are you dying to discuss Christopher Columbus? Overall, consider the change in tone between the first and forth letters. Cite evidence of the tone in each letter and explain what accounts for this difference. Also, consider each letter individually. In his first “Letter to Luis de Santangel,” why does Columbus name the islands after King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, since they already have Indian names? How is each letter rhetorical (persuasive) and what details does he use to persuade his readers (namely, the King and Queen). Based on these letters, would you judge him to be a success or failure as explorer, conqueror, and ruler of the New World? If you would like to work in your own prior knowledge of Columbus, feel free, but be sure to stress textual evidence from the letters as your primary support.

Prompt Three: In Benjamin Franklin’s “Remarks Concerning the Savages of North America,” what is Franklin’s main message? How does the story show a ‘contact zone’ between the two cultures? How is irony used in this story?

Be sure to respond to each prompt fully (min 100 words each prompt) For a total of 300 words minimum cite evidence in your posts.……

This are some of the reads that it was given to us, I hope it helps

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