American history

American history

American history

Read [] , chapter 20 consider

1. Who were “muckrakers” and in what ways did they shape reform movements during the Progressive era?

2. What was the “social gospel” in what ways did it reshape the role of religion in society?

3. In what ways did women expand their roles in society during the Progressive Era ?

4. What were “trusts” and why did the government work so hard to “bust” them?

5. Why was environmentalism so important to the Progressives?

6. What was being decided in the 1893 Supreme Court Case, Plessy v Ferguson? How did the ruling in the case shape Southern society?

7. What was the “understanding clause” and how was it used to limit the rights of Southern blacks?

8.What did Booker T. Washington advocate in his “Atlanta Compromise” speech and why was it so controversial?

Please write each question a paragraph with specific details.


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American history


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