Part I: HIV/AIDS has affected millions of people in the United States and the world 

Part I: HIV/AIDS has affected millions of people in the United States and the world

Part I: HIV/AIDS has affected millions of people in the United States and the world since the 1980s. On a global scale, large numbers of people with HIV/AIDS are not receiving the needed treatment. Congress created The Ryan White Care Act of 1990 to assist public hospitals struggling financially from caring for uninsured men and women living with HIV/AIDS. There were four Titles written into The Ryan White Care Act of 1990. In recent years the Titles have moved into five Parts, Part A-F focusing on a variety of topics.

In 2014, the Affordable Care Act gave insurance access to many of the uninsured population. Over the past few decades, countries like England and Canada have a lower percentage of HIV/AIDS cases. Is this due to their healthcare structure? In 4-5 pages, discuss the following.

Explain the purpose of each of the five Parts in The Ryan White Care Act.

Explain other viewpoints or opposing viewpoints of the Act.

Describe your stance on if there is a need for the Ryan White Care Act with the Affordable Care Act. Think about other countries.

This portion of your assignment will require you to research and examine information from various sources. Use a minimum of three credible sources for your paper, with three being an academic source from the Rasmussen College Online Library (don’t forget to include in-text citations throughout your paper with paraphrasing or quoting)

Make sure to include your APA formatted reference page.

Part II: Create a memo to communicate your findings. Keep in mind the position and facility you selected (Director of Admissions @ Rasmussen Region Hospital) . In the first paragraph, please justify the reason you picked communication format. For example: “I chose to create a memo because…”

In the first paragraph please justify the reason you picked the particular communication format.

Make sure to use audience specific language and tone.


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Part A it provides grant funding for medical and support services to Eligible Metropolitan Areas (EMAs) and Transitional Grant Areas (TGAs). EMAs and TGAs are population centers that are the highly affected by the virus. In 1986 four urban centers benefited from the program and it increased with time to 16 urban centers .example of urban centers are Miami, San Francisco, Atlanta, Houston ,Chicago and Dallas among others. ,my take on this is that it is a crucial act…………………………


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