Accounting for decision makers

Accounting for decision makers

There are variable costs, fixed costs, and mixed costs. There are product costs and period costs. Direct materials and direct labor are variable costs. Manufacturing overhead costs are considered fixed costs.

Explain what these costs are and give unique examples. Then determine which of these costs are controllable and how this fact can help management as they make decisions that will impact the bottom line (profit or loss).

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the text for the class is managerial accounting for managers 4th ed Noreen, Brewer & Garrison. if you are going to use this as a reference please do not let it be the primary source of the paper (professor’s instructor). use scholarly references.

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Cost behavior is the term used to refer to the response to changes in cost due to change in business activities. Costs involved in business operations may be classified as variable, fixed, or mixed costs. Variable costs are directly proportional to changing levels of produ……………………………..
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