Discuss the etiology of AUD from a biopsychosocial perspective

Discuss the etiology of AUD from a biopsychosocial perspective


S07 Abnormal Psychology

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Alcohol use disorder (AUD) is among the most prevalent mental disorders worldwide, and is often a co-morbid factor complicating (or exacerbating) other psychological disorders. Please answer the following questions.

Describe the symptomatology of AUD (per current DSM-V criteria) and distinguish it from ‘normal’ alcohol use.

Discuss the etiology of AUD from a biopsychosocial perspective.

Discuss two (2) treatment options for AUD.

In addition, identify two (2) long-term consequences of AUD.

Describe the impact maternal alcohol use has on a developing fetus.

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There are various symptoms of AUD. The person affected craves or experiences a strong  desire for alcohol consumption which means that the person might not be able to prevent themselves from sinking the ship deep enough to sink themselves too. The person may also be unable to meet their obligations……………………..


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