AAPC Coder presentation

AAPC Coder presentation

AAPC Coder presentation

I would need you to login as me and watch the presentation, the assignment is to create a10 minute Power-point, as a presentation, proving that AAPC has the best and most preferred by many coders out there with the many perks and to compare it to the other competition out on the market, but ultimately AAPC Coder is the best, and would be used by all, I also need to explain why I am proud to support AAPC and represent them and be proud to support the AAPC Coder.

You need to watch the video, and also search the website for the competition and explain why it is the best on the Market today.


Registration name Wendy Richardson


Please note this would be like you have applied for a new position working for AAPC, and that you would be focusing representing AAPC Coder, both Technically and as a selling point please make sure that the comparison is listed as welll, just some extra researching .

You are also allowed to use the AAPC logo and direct information in the presentation, as you are representing the company and product

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